A Focus on Fine Arts

Two thousand and seventeen will be a year of focusing on fine arts. Painting in particular. Oil painting specifically--while considering the possibilities of incorporating a bit of acrylic along the way. There are a number of ideas I've been considering to fashion as part of a series of works. My inspiration has be ignited by my extensive working relationship with High Art Fridays (see blog entry http://www.sheltongraphics.com/content/spend-your-fridays-haf). This venue (while working in tandem with Publisher and Managing Editor, Ron E. Shelton) has enabled me to put aside my visual design way of thinking about the aesthetic of communicating artistically—to explore and promote art in its purest form—never sampled and free of artificial ingredients and linear influence.

Some of my older work seemed to embrace those core values and principles. The rendering below is an example these ideas. This 72 x 36 inch painting was rendered at some point in 1984. I was motivated to create the work after driving though an active section of town in Washington DC.

Anyhow, stay tuned for new offerings, and certainly visit highartfridays.com for an eclectic blend of artists from around the world! Michael

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