21st Century Reality

  • by mshelton - Tue, 10/03/2017 - 10:30

During my humble beginnings as a designer, I would proudly park myself in a leather pneumatic drafting chair that featured a molded seat and high back—while navigating smartly about a super-sized adjustable drafting table as I worked productively throughout the day. This arrangement not only allowed for maximum focus on tasks at hand, but my posture was at no point compromised while I conceptualized, executed and illustrated ideas. Quality office desks and tables have for a number of years smartly accommodated any permutation of desktop publishing hardware (i.e. computer, scanner, printer, etc.), and advancement of ergonomics has certainly solidified the prospects of having a healthy workspace. These days laptops have greatly modified this workplace hardware paradigm. For many visual professionals, these "mobile" devices are making the traditional office environment almost obsolete.

Have laptops and drafting tables or work desk become mutually exclusive?

At times I’m guilty of engaging my laptop while it literally sits on my lap—as I recline on a sofa chair—all while network surfing around Netflix/Google and responding to text messages. This routine clearly compromises my ability to effectively and exclusively focus on one task at a time, and certainly this behavior doesn't bode well for my overall longterm health and wellbeing. My own actions have troubled me in this regard—moving me to secure a small drafting table so that I can get back to my artistic roots. Unfortunately this initiative is a work in progress, because I have yet to use the table professionally. Nevertheless, I will recapture that traditional spirit of design and I will work on my retro table with PASSION and CONVICTION--as soon as I remove the mountains of books, stacks of paper and dirty dishes from the surface. I should just invest in a Standing Desk and call it a day!