A Focus on Fine Arts

Two thousand and seventeen will be a year of focusing on fine arts. Painting in particular. Oil painting specifically--while considering the possibilities of incorporating a bit of acrylic along the way. There are a number of ideas I've been considering to fashion as part of a series of works.

And the Winner Is...

This post is a follow-up account from a previous post--Channeling my Inner Diego Rivera regarding environmental design.

Nuggets of Truth! is Golden

When I added the content feeder in "Nuggets of Truth!" it was more of less intended to serve as a filler for the site, as I was developing it early on. However, the amount of amazingly useful information and ideas that are available through this resource is remarkable. I routinely depend on this particular feed for a host of best practice methods for visual producers of all types (from fine artists and graphic designers to web developers and emarketing specialists).

Spend your Fridays at HAF!

A new website, High Art Fridays (HAF) was launched on April 1, 2016, April Fool's Day oddly enough. Fortunately, this unique day offered no measurable chaos or calamity during the unveiling of this offering. This news magazine style website has been fashioned for artists and lovers of the arts from all around the world. HAF actually get its beginnings as a page on Facebook.

The Death of "Old School" Illustration

I was last commissioned to create an editorial illustration in 2008 (see illustration below)--during the waning months of the Bush administration. In fact, it's been awhile since anyone has solicited me for renderings to run in magazines or publication spreads of any type. Certainly I'm bit rusty in that regard, and like most designers and illustrators I've transitioned from print to digital based production--trading in our mechanicals pens in for the Creative Cloud.

Channeling my Inner Diego Rivera

Having an opportunity to give an organization a facelift, to rebrand the way it is viewed by the outside world is a joy—especially when the results are overwhelmingly received in a favorable manner. This has certainly been the case with the work I've completed at the beginning of this year rendering two murals (16 x 6 feet each) for a highly regarded international NGO, Free the Slaves.

A New Site to See!

We've just finished a new Wordpress site for a client. Artists and visual customers are absolutely the most interesting projects to work on. The array of visual imagery allow for really dynamic results. Visit and let us know what you think!

UMUC Freelance Illustrator for Hire!

For anyone in need of a quality freelance editoral illustrator, contact Mycah Shelton, an honor student at the University of Maryland. She works quickly and has reasonable rates! Below are links to samples of her work.

2014 NCMPR Award Winner

On October 13, I received at this year's National Council for Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR) District 1 conference a silver award for logo design. I actually rendered an assortment of designs for this particular initiative, and the logo indicated below was ultimately selected by the client. Click here to read more about the District 1 conference.

Rebirth of the Hawk!

While working with the College of Southern Maryland, I rebranded (designed and illustrated) the official mascot logo. This particular rebranding assignment was one in which I had deligated to my creative team, but due to the massive workload in my department, I decided to take on the task myself. This logo has been integrated into a wide range of promotional items and marketing campaigns.


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